“World View”
Oil Paintings

“The joy I receive in creating a new painting is in choosing from the variety of subjects that intrigue me.
I draw inspiration from the many places to which I’ve traveled, translating these experiences into a kind of “painted diary.” 
I hope the viewer will experience some of the same awe ands pleasure I feel from the everyday and unusual places in the world."

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Click on thumbnail for enlarged view. All paintings are oils on canvas.

01 Perhaps

02 Water Play

03 Castle Bridge

04 Falling Leaves

05 St. Tropez

06 Portofino

07 Manalain

08 Les Jeunnes Filles

09 Ancient Walls

10 The Gate of Athens

11 Boats at Dock – Japan

12 Grotto Arch

13 Cherry Blossom Boats

14 Guilin, China

15 The Abbey

16 French Maison

17 St. Marcos Greece

18 Water Flowers

19 Winter Boats

20 Cuddles

21 Facing the Sun

22 Winter in New York

23 Athens in Spring

24 Stars in the Night


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