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Suzanne Onodera Inspired by the sublime in nature and subtleties in atmosphere, these richly layered oil paintings are reminiscent of traditional landscapes on many levels, yet they are devoid of any man-made pictorial elements. They are solitary escapes, providing a transcendental experience into a floating world where society and civilization are eerily absent. These landscape abstractions do not exist in the past, present or future nor are they literal depictions of a particular place or historical reference. It is this ambiguity that is intriguing to me and drives this body of work.

Suzanne Onodera received her BFA in Painting from The California College of the Arts in 1989, graduating with High Distinction. Awards include the CCA Mobility Award for study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and more recently she is a recipient of Oregon’s Caldera Residency program, spring 2012. Her work is in private and public collections across the U.S.


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