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Sidnea d'Amico My artwork reflects the frenetic urban life I have always lived in. I explore the relationship between representational and abstract imagery, as a means of expanding my visual vocabulary. I am constantly translating a story I have in mind and creating a dialogue with the images. My work imbues movement, life, color and the intimate vision of different corners of a bustling city. I am inspired both by large scale urban architectural elements as well as subtle street influences: blocks of skyscrapers, congested traffic circles, bicycles, birds perched on wires overhead, marks in walls, graffiti, street art.

My painting process involves building up the surface of the painting in many complex layers, only to scrape off many of these coats to reveal nuances of interacting pigments. I often adds textural mixed media elements, such as collaged photography or fabrics. Colors, lines and shapes turn into whimsical and playful works of art.


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