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Robert Cheshire Robert Cheshire’s work is informed by a classic black and white photographic sensibility informed with a very contemporary context in which he places the human figure. His compositions involve the nude placed within a found “unnatural” environment. The visceral and tactile contrasts between the softness and luminosity of the body located within the hard surfaces of man-made post-industrial surroundings raise questions about the nature of our place in the created environment, as well as issues regarding the tradition of photography and its current contexts and visions.

“There are two concepts from the rich history of Japanese cultural aesthetic that inspire my work: Wabi and Sabi.  Wabi means simplicity, quietude, things fresh and simple.  It incorporates rustic beauty, encompassing that which is made by nature and by man.  It can include an accidental element where even a small flaw imbues elegance and uniqueness to the whole, such as the delicate pattern of shade and light found in a wall of peeling paint.”—Robert Cheshire


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