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Michael Moon Painting is a means to create whatever comes to me. It is a creative experience which translates into a spiritual exercise - a spiritual workout as it were. It becomes a conversation with myself, which sometimes resonates immediately - other times with a struggle - but a process, however it unfolds, that hopefully is honest, real and valid.

Whenever I start a painting it is with passion, excitement and anticipation as I am both participant and observer as color, shape, and form evolve onto a blank canvas. Color for me comes from a joy of having hues interplay with each other - light to dark, soft to strong, muted to bold, blended to contrasted. This use of color becomes an alchemist's palette - with a result not predetermined - but with bits and incidents of color unfolding on their own terms. Often I see myself in this process as a vessel or conduit where form, color and shape take their own journey and take their deserved place on a surface.


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