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Mary Farmer Mary Farmer chooses the unique medium of encaustic painting to express herself artistically. Her pieces explore a wide range of content, possibilities and personal history. Using one of the most innovative methods of painting, Farmer melts beeswax and colored pigments into liquid/paste and then applies the hot mixture to a white panel. She labors through hours of sculpting and layering to build vibrant images into masterful works of art.   Farmer often uses watercolor paints in her process. This unconventional technique provides a beautiful, dreamy “under painting” for her layering effects. She will also occasionally mix her own pigments and incorporate handmade paper in the first layers of her paintings.

“My mind is most at ease when I am painting. The preparation of the panels, the application of paint, observing the changes of each piece as I proceed…these are all very, very satisfying,” says Farmer.


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