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Clare Kuo I am from Tainan, the fourth largest city and cultural center of southern Taiwan. My work is influenced by having grown up in the East. Along with being inspired by great Asian painters such as Yang Chi Hung, I have also embraced the many aboriginal cultures of Taiwan. Much of my artwork as a college student was inspired by aboriginal dress and crafts. My work today has evolved but my color palette still largely consists of the primary colors and is influenced by aboriginal traditions. I also use Sumi ink on rice paper to add an additional element of complexity to my paintings and pay homage to my culture.

I start each painting by sketching graphical elements on paper. Early on in the creative process I switch from a paint brush to terry cloth, palette knife, or other tool to push the colors and create layers, textures and depth. The development of each painting is largely defined by how the colors interact. Whereas in Rothko’s work there are no hard edges between contrasting colors, I emphasize the transition between colors with dark pastel or paint. My approach is vigorous, spontaneous, and driven by inner emotions, yet all aspects of my paintings are intentional and undergo many hours of scrutiny and contemplation.


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